30. May 2022
AI infrastructure connects process chains across borders
  • EBG plastics: Plastics processor relies on high-end process monitoring and cross-border quality assurance
  • Multilingual: Transparent, reproducible and stable manufacturing with web-based Detact
  • Milestone for Symate: Important step towards networked process transparency at international level

Dresden/ Ostrava (CZ), May 30, 2022 – The Detact® software platform for Industrial IoT, Big Data and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing is now being installed at EBG plastics in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The manufacturing service provider wants to use the AI system to analyze injection molding processes in plastics processing together with its German development company and to systematically optimize mass production. In doing so, EBG also wants to use Detact’s extensive MES functions.

Thus, Detact becomes an integrated tool for networked process optimization as well as for cross-site quality assurance on an international level.

Detact has been used successfully for more than 10 years! In the meantime, customers from numerous industries – from automotive to medical technology – trust the objective data and recommendations for action of the AI system. This is because they use it to make their manufacturing processes more transparent, manufacture more efficiently, and ensure the consistently high quality of their products.


Internationalization and networking

Since 2020, Detact has also been used by customers outside the DACH region. But in the past, these installations were focused on their local applications in the plant. Cross-country and cross-language networking of value chains across different plants has not yet taken place, although this type of consolidation is feasible with Detact.

With the digitization project at the EBG Group, this function is now being used in practice for the first time and thus opens up completely new possibilities for users for the networked, cross-national and multilingual use of a modern Industry 4.0 system: The Czech contract manufacturer ‘EBG plastics’ will use Detact in the future to bring the process and quality data from its plant in Ostrava together across systems and to network it with the EBG development department in Lünen, Germany. In this way, the company aims to significantly increase the transparency of production, produce more efficiently and ensure quality at a high level.

Dr. Hans Dieter Storzer, Managing Director and CTO of EBG’s German parent company, explains: “The EBG Group develops many products in Germany, while colleagues in the Czech Republic ensure smooth and highly efficient production. Therefore, all tasks related to quality assurance and the reduction of scrap as well as the efficient planning, control and monitoring of production are realized locally in Ostrava. This division of labor has proven its worth over many years, as it allows all parties involved to concentrate on their core competencies and make decisions without lengthy coordination. But we are not resting on our success! Because we also want to be at the forefront in the future – among other things with high-end process monitoring and Detact’s artificial intelligence. Since Detact is now also multilingual and can be used from anywhere thanks to the cloud model, we will be able to network the current production data from Ostrava with our development department in Lünen, Germany, in the near future. This technology offers us numerous advantages! For example, our Czech colleagues will use Symate’s AI system including all MES functions on site to optimize their processes based on objective data. At the same time, our German development team will access the data from ongoing production to track the process in detail. On this basis, we would like to jointly ensure the quality of EBG products and achieve reproducible results. Last but not least, Detact forms a new basis for cross-site and cross-national knowledge management.”

Preparations for the deployment of Detact in Ostrava are nearing completion. As soon as the system is installed and running smoothly, the EBG Group will also reach an important milestone in its long-term strategy, because the company wants to establish real process transparency on a global level in order to ensure the quality of its products regardless of location and on a sustainable basis. For this purpose, EBG relies on the international networking of processes and the remote connection of plants or systems.


Networking via a central cloud

To create the technical basis for this development, the complete data processing will be realized in the Symate cloud. Access to these will be available to all EBG Group locations – from development and production to quality control. Furthermore, if unexpected errors occur during the ongoing process, the Symate experts will be available for quick support via the secure remote connection.

The EBG order is also of strategic importance for Symate GmbH, because Symate wants to support manufacturing companies in optimizing process and quality across locations and countries. Symate sees the key to this in the cross-process chain collection and analysis of existing technology data with the innovative AI infrastructure Detact. Here, international networking opens up completely new possibilities.

Dr. Martin Juhrisch, Managing Director of Symate GmbH, explains. “The agreement with the EBG Group exemplifies the successful use of Detact, because with the international networking of systems and locations, our AI system processes a wide range of different data. Thus, all parties involved benefit from the data of their respective partners. Moreover, in this networked form, Detact can realize its full potential and have a particularly sustainable effect! This cross-system thinking will soon pay off for other customers as well, because in the meantime several users who are already using Detact’s intelligent functions in Germany have decided to scale Detact. They also want to use our AI system abroad and expand the AI functions through systematic networking to factories in the USA and China as well as in Spain and Vietnam or Malaysia.”


About Symate GmbH

Symate GmbH is a specialist for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data as well as manufacturer of the AI system Detact® ‘AI Infrastructure & Apps’. Detact collects, analyzes and processes production as well as quality data for the systematic monitoring and optimization of processes. The novel system works with almost all data sources or interfaces and uses the methods of Artificial Intelligence. It thus offers flexible functionalities for automated process monitoring and sustainable process transparency. Detact thus also takes over various tasks of a classic MES (Manufacturing Execution System), but goes far beyond this. If required, the software system of Symate GmbH can even be connected to an existing MES, BDE or CAQ in order to specifically expand its functionalities.
Detact not only provides users with a more detailed understanding of the process, but also digital assistants for a wide range of scenarios relating to their manufacturing process. It is based on more than 15 browser-based apps that can be customized for small, medium and large applications. Detact is used very successfully by numerous companies in the automotive, plastics, mechanical engineering, aerospace, lightweight construction, medical technology and additive manufacturing, etc. sectors. For more information about Detact and Symate GmbH, please visit detact.com.


About EBG plastics

EBG plastics is part of the international EBG group. Under the motto ‘Complex plastic parts from the idea to series production’, around 160 employees in Ostrava in the Czech Republic have been supplying high-quality plastic products for more than 20 years and offer comprehensive services in the areas of production, reworking, component assembly and toolmaking. The thermoplastic injection molding shop alone has 60 injection molding machines and eight hydraulic presses. This enables the company to realize prototypes in a short time, build test molds and supply technical plastic parts as well as metal-plastic compounds or assemblies worldwide. EBG plastics’ customers mainly include automotive suppliers, but also companies from the electrical, plumbing and construction sectors as well as the lighting industry. Further information about EBG plastics can be found on the Internet at www.ebg-group.com/kunststofftechnik.


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