10. July 2019
Weidplas Germany

Artificial intelligence for Weidplas plastics production

  • The Detact AI dashboard optimises processes in plastic components manufacturing
Symate GmbH optimised the manufacturing processes of Weidplas Germany GmbH with artificial intelligence (AI) methods. The world’s leading manufacturer of sophisticated plastic components or systems for automotive and industrial technology has decided to use the AI dashboard ‘Detact’ in its factory in Treuen, Saxony (Germany). Here, the company produces automotive parts by injection moulding. With the help of this self-learning software system, Weidplas wants to gain a deeper insight into ongoing manufacturing processes and explore new ways to optimise processes.

Jan Engelmann, Managing Director of Weidplas Germany GmbH, comments: “We produce sophisticated components and systems made of plastic. That’s why we use to work with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and highly complex processes. Mastering these is not always easy. Therefore, we were looking for a tool that makes the entire process chain more transparent and also bundles existing technology data in a central location. In the end, we decided on Detact because this software system works automatically and autonomously to a large extent. It relies on artificial intelligence methods and we are able to receive previously unknown insights into our process from the Detact apps.”


Detact: Optimising manufacturing processes with AI methods

For Symate GmbH, the plastics and automotive sectors are among the key markets, because digitalisation is already advanced in these industries. As a result, the data-based optimisation of manufacturing processes is increasingly coming into focus – the associated potential is considerable in some cases.

The data-based optimisation of manufacturing processes is the core task of the AI dashboard ‘Detact’. With this software system, users can significantly increase the stability of their processes, implement faster start-up procedures, avoid rejects and optimise cycle times.

Just by using existing data, the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) increases significantly. Some Detact users have been able to increase their OEE by more than ten percent and thus save considerable costs.


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